Rotecting and displaying collectibles is crucial for collectors who cherish and care for their items. Here are some tips and techniques for protecting and displaying collectibles:

  1. Store in a dry and ventilated environment: The dryness and ventilation of the storage environment are essential for protecting collectibles. Generally, indoor humidity should be controlled below 50%, and the air should be circulated to avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures.
  2. Use professional protective gear: Collectibles should be protected with professional and suitable protective gear, such as protective bags, protective boxes, and coin holders produced by KINTOME.
  3. Avoid touching and frequent movement: Frequent movement and touching of collectibles may cause damage. Therefore, collectors should try to avoid moving their collectibles and keep them stable. They should also avoid touching the surface of the collectibles.
  4. Regular cleaning: Cleaning collectibles requires professional tools and methods, and acidic cleaning agents that may cause damage to collectibles should be avoided.
  5. Avoid exposure to air: Oxygen, water vapor, dust, and other elements in the air can damage collectibles. Protective bags and boxes produced by KINTOME can help protect collectibles.
  6. Ensure safety while displaying collectibles: If collectors choose to display their items in public places like exhibition halls or museums, safety should be considered to prevent theft, vandalism, and other potential hazards.

In summary, protecting collectibles is a long-term task that requires meticulous care. By following the above tips and techniques, collectors can better protect and display their items.