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Wholesale Coin Capsules

Crystal coin capsules

Material:PMMA( Acryl)

Size:10mm-170mm for choose


The Clear Coin Capsules made with crystal PMMA( Acryl)

Below is normal size for reference ,Pls contact with us if you couldn’t find the size you needed, we will send the list for your refernece.

Item No. Diameter of coin Details
A001 18mm  外ф21.7X4.9 内Ф18X2 0
A002 20mm  外ф23.7X5   内Ф20X2.4
A003 21mm 外ф24.3X4.93内Ф21X2.4
A004 22mm 外ф25.7X5内ф22X2.3
A005 23mm 外ф27.5X5.2 内Ф23X2.3
A006 24mm  外ф27.5X5.2 内Ф24X2.3
A007 25mm 外ф29X5.1   内Ф25X2.3
A008 26mm 外ф31.8X4.6 内Ф26X2.3
A009 27mm  外ф33.8X5.1 内Ф28X2.3
A010 30mm  外ф36×5.5  内Ф30×2.5
A011 33mm  外ф38X6.3   内Ф33X2.8
A012 35mm  外ф41×6.3  内Ф35×31
A013 40mm 外ф47.5×7  内Ф40×38


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